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A Journey Through Maine

A Journey Through Maine

By author: Mary Stockwell
Product Code: 55024
ISBN: 978-1-58685-502-4
Other ISBN: 1586855026
Binding Information: Hardback
Grade Highest: 12
Grade Lowest: 8
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A Journey Through Maine is a textbook designed to teach middle grade students 100% of Maine's State Social Studies Standards through a course of study in Maine's geography, history, economics, citizenship, and culture while it correlates simultaneous events in U.S. history and throughout the world. The book features dozens of photographs, maps, charts, and illustrations to help students relate to the material as historians studying primary and secondary sources.
Chapter 1
A Land Called Maine

Chapter 2
The First People

Chapter 3
Explorers and Adventurers

Chapter 4
The Fight for Maine

Chapter 5
Maine in the American Revolution

Chapter 6
The Road to Statehood

Chapter 7
Growth and Reform

Chapter 8
Maine in the Civil War

Chapter 9
The End of Maine's Golden Age

Chapter 10
Maine Enters the 20th Century

Chapter 11
Maine in the Great Depression and World War II

Chapter 12
Maine Faces the Future

Chapter 13
Government in Maine Today

Chapter 14
Economics in the World Today