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Illinois, Our Home (2008)

Illinois, Our Home (2008)

By authors: Beverly Allen Taylor, Susan A. Myers
Product Code: 00893
ISBN: 978-1-4236-0089-3
Other ISBN: 1423600894
Binding Information: Hardback
Grade Highest: 4
Grade Lowest: 4
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Illinois, Our Home is a 4th grade Illinois history textbook. The outline for this book is based on the Illinois Learning Standards for Social Studies and teaches political systems, economics, history, geography, culture and society. The book places the state's historical events in the context of our nation's history. The student edition has many features such as timelines, In-Text Activities, Illinois Portraits, What Do You Think? discussion questions, maps, charts and graphs. At the end of every chapter is a chapter review that helps students to go further with an idea from the chapter or use the knowledge they gained from the chapter to produce a product.

Chapter 1
History Close to Home

Chapter 2
A Place Called Illinois

Chapter 3
American Indians

Chapter 4
Illinois Changes Hands

Chapter 5
Life on the Frontier

Chapter 6
Journey to Statehood

Chapter 7
A Changing Illinois

Chapter 8
A Divided Nation

Chapter 9
Times of Change

Chapter 10
Modern Times

Chapter 11
Government for the Nation and State

Chapter 12
Economics for Illinois