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Louisiana Through Time (2017) Student Guide

Louisiana Through Time (2017) Student Guide

Product Code: 42091
ISBN: 978-1-4236-4209-1
Other ISBN: 1423642090
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Activity pages in the Louisiana Through Time Student Guide support a number of instructional activities in the Teacher Guide. Each Reading Strategy, Writing Portfolio project, and Key Terms assignment includes an activity page, as do many other activities. Reader response charts, writing models, and primary source excerpts such as slave narratives and historic song lyrics accompanied by critical thinking questions are among the types of activity pages provided in the Student Guide.
Due to market confusion, all new printings of The Louisiana Experience textbook and teaching materials will have the new title, Louisiana Through Time, including this Student Guide. Any materials with the Louisiana Through Time title are interchangeable with those bearing The Louisiana Experience title. All are for use in teaching the Grade 8 Louisiana Studies course.