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Pennsylvania, Our Home Student Edition (2012 Copyright)

Pennsylvania, Our Home Student Edition (2012 Copyright)

By author: Susan K. Donley
Product Code: 23052
ISBN: 978-1-4236-2305-2
Other ISBN: 1423623053
Binding Information: Hardback
Grade Highest: 4
Grade Lowest: 4
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"Pennsylvania, Our Home" is a 4th grade social studies program that offers a comprehensive course of study in Pennsylvania's geography, history, economics, culture, and government. The outline for the program is based on Pennsylvania’s Academic Program Standards for Social Studies. The student text places the state's historical events in the context of our nation's history. It includes many student-friendly features such as timelines, Words to Understand, comprehension strategies, maps, charts, graphs, In-Text Activities, and What Do You Think? discussion questions that help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Chapter 1
History Close to Home

Chapter 2
Pennsylvania's Place in the World

Chapter 3
The Fiirst Pennsylvanians

Chapter 4
To Worlds Meet

Chapter 5
William Penn's Dream

Chapter 6
Colonial Life

Chapter 7
Birthplace of a Nation

Chapter 8
Moving West

Chapter 9
"A New Borth of Freedom"

Chapter 10
An Industrial Powerhouse

Chapter 11
Reforming Pennsylvania

Chapter 12
Peopling Pennsylvania

Chapter 13
Governing Pennsylvania

Chapter 14
Making a Living in Pennsylvania