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The Arizona Story Student Edition

The Arizona Story Student Edition

By author: The Arizona Historical Society   Director: Kyle McKoy   Contributions by: Jim Turner   Consultant editor: Bruce J. Dinges
Product Code: 04624
ISBN: 978-1-4236-0462-4
Other ISBN: 1423604628
Binding Information: Hardback
Grade Highest: 4
Grade Lowest: 4
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The Arizona Story is a brand-new 4th grade Arizona history textbook. Because the outline for this book was based on the Arizona Academic Standards for Social Studies, it teaches American history, world history, civics and government, geography, and economics. The student edition has many features such as timelines, In-Text Activities, Arizona Connections, maps, charts, graphs, and What Do You Think? discussion questions. At the end of every chapter is an Application Activity that challenges students to demonstrate comprehension, and a Chapter Review that allows students to review the key objectives of the chapter and draw conclusions.
Chapter 1
Arizona Stories

Chapter 2
The Land We Call Home

Chapter 3
Early People of the Americas

Chapter 4
Old World Meets New World

Chapter 5
New People, New Borders

Chapter 6
Conflict of Cultures

Chapter 7
From Territory to State

Chapter 8
The Great Depression and World War II

Chapter 9
Growing Arizona

Chapter 10
Government for All of US

Chapter 11
Making a Living in Arizona