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The Delaware Adventure

The Delaware Adventure

By authors: Dr. Barbara E. Benson, Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker
Product Code: 57479
ISBN: 978-1-58685-747-9
Other ISBN: 1586857479
Binding Information: Hardback
Grade Highest: 4
Grade Lowest: 4
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The Delaware Adventure is a 4th grade Delaware history textbook. The outline for this book is based on the Delaware Social Studies Standards and teaches civics, economics, geography, and history. The book places the state's historical events in the context of our nation's history. The standards also require students to demonstrate understanding through explanation, interpretation, and analysis. The Delaware Adventure includes features such as What Do You Think? discussion questions and Linking the Past to the Present that support the standards by encouraging investigation and constructed response.
Chapter 1
Delaware in the World

Chapter 2
The First People

Chapter 3
Explorers and Settlers from Europe

Chapter 4
Creating a New Nation

Chapter 5
Life and Work in the New State

Chapter 6
Delaware in the Civil War

Chapter 7
Into a New Century

Chapter 8
Delaware in Modern Times

Chapter 9
Government for the Nation and the State

Chapter 10
Economics for Everyone