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The Kansas Journey Teacher's Resource Package

The Kansas Journey Teacher's Resource Package

By authors: Diane Good, Jennie Chinn
Product Code: 52870
ISBN: 978-1-58685-287-0
Other ISBN: 1586852876
Binding Information: Loose-leaf
Grade Highest: 7
Grade Lowest: 7
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The Kansas Journey Teacher's Resource Package accompanies the student edition and is organized for ease of use and to help teachers in their aim of delivering focused lessons. Each chapter of the Teacher's Resource Package provides a teacher's guide section, student activity pages, chapter tests, and assessments. All of the material found in the Teacher's Resource Package is on an accompanying CD. A bank of test questions is also included on the CD and allows teachers to create tests of their own by re-arranging the questions or making their own modification. One Teacher's Resource Package is free with every purchase of 25 or more student editions. Please call 1-800-748-5439 ext. 175 for more information.