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The Washington Journey, Second Edition, Student Edition

The Washington Journey, Second Edition, Student Edition

Product Code: 46365
ISBN: 978-1-4236-4636-5
Other ISBN: 1423646363
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The second edition of The Washington Journey includes eight chapters that align fully with the Washington State Social Studies Learning Standards and Grade Level Expectations for Grade 7. The new edition builds a bridge between world history and Washington history, picking up with the treaty-making period and statehood period and following through to the challenges facing Washingtonians today. Each chapter begins with an Essential Question and a “Washington Story” and ends with a social studies skill activity and a primary source analysis. The new edition is filled with thought-provoking images, timelines, maps, graphs, and charts.

Teacher materials available for this program include a Teacher Guide, Lesson Activities book, ELL Support Guide, Chapter Assessments book, and a USB Thumb Drive.

For more information about this program or to purchase teacher materials, please contact the Gibbs Smith sales representative for your territory.